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Clays suitable for firing at stoneware temperatures.

Petra Stoneware

Petra Grogged Stoneware

Stoneware Special Fleck

Stoneware Artic White

2161 - Y Material

1114 Craft Crank

T Material 1161

1114M-Premium Craft Crank

Magma Crank

Superwhite Stoneware

1145 White Stoneware

1106 White St. Thomas Stoneware

B17C Grogged White Stoneware

This body is a blend of selected low iron clays providing an ideal background for a decorative approach to decorative ceramics. Silica sand makes this plastic body excellent for throwing. Firing...

As V9A but with the addition of grog this body has good resistance to cracking & warping. Behaves well under oxydising and reduction conditions. Firing 1180°-1280°C...

V9A Stoneware

School Buff a dual purpose clay