Kittec X Line Front Loading Kilns

Kittec X Line Front Loading Kilns - A range of professional front loading kilns rated at 1320°C. The XR range has conventional elements set in grooves within the insulating bricks and the XT range has elements on porcelain rods typical of German High-Fire kilns. Both models have five sided heating - elements in the floor, door, back wall and side walls to achieve complete temperature transmission. All stainless steel contruction makes a strong kiln together with adjustable legs so that the working height can be altered to suit individual needs. A six programme digital Bentrup TC66 controller is included together with kiln furniture included.

model chamber size mm
litres max temp power kw current A weight Price
XR100 410w x 500d x 500h
103 1320°C 8.5kw 37amps
220kgs £3137
XR150 430w x 560d x 620h
149 1320°C 11kw 44 amps 270kgs £3540
XR190 480w. x 580d x 680h
189 1320°C 14kw 62amps 320kgs £3957
XR230 480w x 720d x 680h
235 1320°C 17kw 75amps 350kgs £4409
XR310 550w x 720d x 800h 317 1320°C 22kw 88amps 420kgs £5236
XR380 610d x 780d x 800h 381 1320°C 27kw 119amps 470kgs £6257
XR520 660w x 810d x 980h 524 1320°C 34kw 150amps 540kgs £7209
XR680 730w x 960d x 980h 687 1320°C 43kw 189amps 640kgs £8320
XR780 730w x 1040d x 1040h 790 1320°C 52kw 229amps 710kgs £9211
XR1060 810w x 1040d x 1250h 1053 1320°C 65kw 286amps 930kgs £11015

XT80 380w x 440d x 480h 80 1320°C 8kw 35amps 240kgs £3355
XT120 400w x 500d x 600h 120 1320°C 9kw 40amps 290kgs £3759
XT160 450w x 520d x 660h 154 1320°C 11kw 48amps 350kgs £4182
XT200 450w x 660d x 660h 196 1320°C 14kw 62amps 380kgs £4647
XT270 520w x 660d x 780h 268 1320°C 18kw 79amps 450kgs £5474
XT330 580w x 720d x 780h 326 1320°C 22kw 97amps 500kgs £6508
XT450 630w x 750d x 960h 454 1320°C 33kw 145amps 580kgs £7460
XT600 700w x 900d x 960h 605 1320°C 42kw 185amps 680kgs £8578
XT700 700w x 980d x 1020h 700 1320°C 50kw 220amps 750kgs £9475
XT1000 900w x 100d x 1140h 1026 1320°C 65kw 286amps 950kgs £11287