Rohde KE-B Series Frontloading Kilns

Rohde KE-B Series Frontloading Kilns - Integral fixed legs

This range of chamber kilns are solidly built for applications such as professional workshops or schools & colleges.

A special feature of this series is the complete back ventilation of the kiln body, which actively prevents corrosion. As a result of the ventilation the casing of the kiln is extremely low.

A further feature is the mortar free construction of the kiln ceiling. This prevents the ware from being damaged by material dropping from above.

Stainless steel above the door frame.

Temperature rating 1300°C

36 months guarantee (Excludes elements)

Model Int.W. Int.D Int.H. Ext.W. Ext.D Ext.H. kW Amps Shelf Size
KE 105B 450mm 410mm 608mm 760mm 860mm 1600mm 7 30 370x340
KE 130B 450mm 450mm 684mm 760mm 900mm 1600mm 8 35 420x400
KE 170B 450mm 530mm 760mm 760mm 980mm 1600mm 9 39 440x400
KE 210B 450mm 640mm 760mm 760mm 1100mm 1600mm 11 48 560x400
Model Kiln Price(Ex vat) Furniture Price(Ex vat) Delivery Cost(Ex vat)
KE 105B £2741.60 £95.68 £216.20
KE 130B £2971.60 £128.80 £216.20
KE 170B £3459.20 £128.80 £216.20
KE 210B £3753.60 £230.00 £216.20