Rohde Vario Range of Top Loading Raku Kilns

Rohde Vario Range of Top Loading Raku Kilns - Quality German Engineering

  • This range has been designed so as to be able to make the kiln portable (each section has 2 handles) this also makes it variable in volume.
  • Each section fits together perfectly and is fixed with strong clips.
  • No ceramic fibre is used in the construction - lightweight high effeciency bricks make the kiln more user friendly.
  • The same qiet, powerful 30kW burner is optional as in the TR Raku range.

Technical Information

Model Int.W. Int.D. Int.H. Ext.W. Ext.D. Ext.H.
TR80 Vario 450 450 500 630 630 940
ZWR Ring 450 450 225 630 630 225
Model Kiln Price(Ex.vat) Furniture Price(Ex.vat) Delivery Cost(Ex.vat)
TR80 Vario £892.40 £46.00 £113.16
ZWR Ring £340.40